Libyan Barbary; Tunisian Barbarin; Algerian Barbarin.
Special Characteristics: 
It is very hardy, long-legged and a good walker; it is resistant to heat, drought and temporary poor nutrition.
Main Location: 
The breed is found over the whole country in Libya and Tunisia from the Sahara to the coast but it is especially abundant in the central region of Libya between Kairouan and Sbeitla. It also extends into the east of Algeria where it was disparagingly called Tunisien or Constantinois (Mason, 1967).
At present Barbary sheep are more abundant in Libya than in Tunisia or Algeria, and the original population of this breed is believed to have originated from Egypt about 1000 B.C. Similar sheep types, known generally as Barki sheep, are found in a wide area of north Africa from western Egypt, through Libya and Tunisia to the east of Algeria. In Libya there is some variation between regional populations but they are not known as varieties. The Barbary sheep accounts for up to 95% of the sheep population in Libya and Tunisia (Mason, 1967).